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Semi-permanent products:

• SingleKote
• HiSlip

Water-based products:

• HP-200
• HP-223




Semi-permanent mold releases are now the preferred release system for all thermosetting resin systems as well as for many other substrate forming processes. Most all competitive semi-permanent releases are extended in solvents that compromise today's work environment. RTI FORMULATIONS reacts and extends our semi-permanent release in solvents that are even approved by the FDA for direct food contact. We cannot produce a safer product for your use.

We manufacture three semi-permanent releases. All utilize the same solvent blend of extremely low odor, moderate evaporation rate, high solids and value pricing. All are compatible with all true polymer releases and require the same cleanliness of the surface before application.

SINGLEKOTE is designed for both building the foundation and continued touch up when needed. Each coat is wiped on with a clean, cotton cloth in a smooth, thin moist film and left to dry and cure for 15-20 minutes. Four or five coats are customary for the first application.

SINGLEKOTE is specifically designed to prevent pre-release in large, difficult contoured molds such as in the boating industry.

HISLIP contains additional additive to allow extra slip where preferred. It can be applied over SINGLEKOTE on vertical, outside radius to facilitate part demolding. Frequently, HISLIP is the only release necessary for use by the Cultured Marble Industry.

HP-200 & HP-223 are both water-based release products used by themselves and in conjunction with semi-permanent releases for specific purposes. The 223 is a slipperier version of the 200 and is most often used on cultured marble vanity gates to eliminate all sticking and release buildup associated with the commonly used salve-type products.

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