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Semi-Permanent Release

SINGLEKOTE has been designed to perform as the only product needed for the application of both a semi-permanent release foundation as well as the best touchup for continuous production. No addition "sealers" or "topcoats" are necessary. The delicate blending of SINGLEKOTE's resin-polymer concentrate reduces excess shrinkage that contributes to pre-release while allowing the expected ease of part removal associated with semi-permanent releases. Not only are our choosen solvents the safest, nearly odorless available but also provide the most user-friendly, cosmetically perfect applications in the industry.

SINGLEKOTE is applied to a small, folded cotton cloth and wiped on to the mold surface in a continuous, moist film and simply left to dry and cure for 15-20 minutes. SINGLEKOTE resists pre-curing associated with cosmetic streaking common to many other semi-permanent systems during hot and humid conditions. SINGLEKOTE is compatible with all true, semi-permanent release systems. If a multiple release solvent system is already in use, there would no need to completely strip the tool prior to applying SINGLEKOTE.

If improved cosmetics are preferred over the currently used release, buffing the tool with polishing compound should be done first which removes all previous systems followed by washing with a water-based system such as our WETSTRIP CLEANER & WETSTRIP RINSE. Final finish buffing compounds are more efficiently removed from tool porosity with a water-based, high pH cleaner than with the use of solvent-based mold cleaners. After removal with a squeegee and drying thoroughly with paper towels the tool is ready for applications of 4-5 coats of SINGLEKOTE allowing 15-20 minutes between coats.

Best performance is to always apply one touchup coat after the first couple of parts in order to "condition" the newly coated tool. This insures protection against any sticking resulting from poor cleansing prior to applying the release or areas that may have missed receiving a full foundation preparation.

SINGLEKOTE may be applied to most all surfaces requiring a non-stick surface such as polyesters, vinylesters, epoxy, metal, glass, etc. In all cases a clean surface in necessary prior to applications.


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